Friday, August 25, 2017

I'm a Hollywood studio owner!

Greetings, friends and fellow Patriots!
Yesterday, I was just a writer, entrepreneur, Patriot, and business owner working to get my business off the ground. Today, I am also part owner of a brand new Hollywood studio! That's right! Legion M, an independent and FAN-OWNED Hollywood entertainment company, has launched.
They are still in the beginning phases but these guys are well-connected to insiders in the Hollywood film industry and they are offering shares to invest that could see up to a 100x profit or more in the near future.

Watch the video about Legion M here:

I invested $100 initially on my birthday, August 24th. I feel this is an investment in the future and I believe in what they are trying to do. The founders want to create a fan-owned entertainment company that allows investors to help determine which way the company will go in the future. I also like that these people are Patriots and they want to produce family-friendly films and other media that will change the idea of corporate-owned Hollywood.

In addition, they allow investors to help create content such as writing scripts and helping with technical aspects remotely or "on site." This is an excellent opportunity for those of us in the creative arts to be a part of something big that will increase exponentially in the future.

The company has a goal of reaching 1 million investors which would put the company net worth at $500 million. Then the assets of the company would continue to grow with each successful film. They have already been involved in other productions and are working with some big names like Stan Lee and others to launch their business model.

They are located in Hollywood but offer fans all over the country a chance to own a piece of Hollywood real estate that could pay off big in the future. In addition to having a share in a growing Hollywood studio, as an investor, you get a chance to pitch your film or script ideas to the company, too. They give priority to investors who want to be a larger part of the film industry through their company.

I'm excited to be a part of this venture and I'm happy to say that I'm a Legion M investor!

To invest in this outstanding opportunity and help us reach our 1 million investor goal, click here. It might be the best investment you ever made!
Visit our site here. We are not Legion M but we are investors in Legion M. We believe they are on to something big and we are now a part of it!
We're making a dent in the universe.

-Deborah L. Killion, investor, and entrepreneur

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