Friday, October 13, 2017

Attention Amazon Entrepreneurs: How to Set Financial Goals and Generate the Profit You Want

For Amazon Entrepreneurs

Does anyone else sell on Amazon? My Amazon store is off to a great start. I'm adding inventory daily. Here's a formula I came across that may help you reach your financial goals.

For a $10,000 per month income, you need to list $30,000 worth of product per month or have a wholesale supplier that can fill that need on a monthly basis. (I'm working on this now). For $100,000 per month (YES, many people are doing this and I plan to, also) need $300K worth of product listed per month. That's because of the "rule of thirds." On Amazon, you will profit around 1/3 of what you put in with the listings.

I'm just getting started with the physical products but it's definitely going to be lucrative over time.

I still write articles too, but now I can afford to write only the higher paid projects that I choose to do. I am figuring out the system to where I can make the best profit. It's probably the most lucrative thing you can do online to create the income you want.

As I learn to master this system, I'll try to share more about my journey so that some of you can enjoy financial independence through Amazon sales. 

I'm using Amazon right now as a great revenue creator for my business to fund my business and give me more time to work on important projects. I sell other people's products that I like and that are popular with many people. I've already made over $500 in just a few days and I'm growing my business daily.

Eventually, I plan to use Amazon to showcase my own original computers and technology products and creations in addition to the digital media I already have up via CreateSpace, Audible, and ACX.

If you want to find success with Amazon physical product sales, I think the key is to purchase some inventory but keep your overhead as low as possible and source items with wholesalers for a good profit margin who can provide you with bulk items so that you always have the inventory to list. Also, spend a lot of time on product research and find a few great products you like that will sell really well. You only need a few products that you sell in bulk to make huge amounts of money.

Keep your customers happy and follow up on everything. Be obsessed!!
You'll make it!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Christmas Coloring Book

Hi, everyone!
We're getting closer to the holiday season so I thought you might like a sneak peek at one of our partner products from graphic artist, Matt Breer. It's a Christmas coloring book! Everyone is stressed out these days in one way or the other and coloring has been proven to reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. This coloring book is packed with over 40 beautiful illustrations that celebrate the holidays.

There are many coloring books out there today to achieve this but we thought you might like to start with this Christmas coloring book. We know we have Halloween and Thanksgiving first but we wanted to give you a first look at this.

Check it out and purchase here.

We'll try to feature more individual products that we recommend on our blog soon.
All purchased are protected by the Paypal verification process.
100% secure.

-Deb Killion, CEO of

Monday, September 11, 2017

Back with Live 365!

Hello, everyone!
I'm writing with good news. is back and we are broadcasting on their server once again 24/7, 365 days per year! They went out of business last year so we had to scramble to find another server. We were with for awhile but we went back to Live 365 due to some licensing problems Streamlicensing was having with ASCAP. We are glad that LIVE 365 has come back and they are adding stations regularly now.

The reason LIVE 365 went out of business was due to their huge number of stations that were hosting on the site and the fact that LIVE 365 tried to make it affordable to everyone. Now, they have a minimum $59.95 per month premium that broadcaster must pay to be licensed for their platform.

Once you get your license, you'll have full legal coverage to play other artists' music and programs, providing you follow the other legal requirements to be in compliance.

We'll be doing some "live" broadcasts and cut-ins from time-to-time on topics that interest our listeners such as technology, digital media, education, and more.

We're revamping our program line-up this week but you can start listening anytime here: 

You may also download the mobile apps to listen to us on your Android or iPhone phone:



We're happy to be back with LIVE 365, a pioneer of internet broadcasting that succeeded We're part of the internet radio movement! Join us on LIVE 365 to join the new golden age of radio!

-Deborah Killion, Small Town Global founder/CEO

Friday, August 25, 2017

I'm a Hollywood studio owner!

Greetings, friends and fellow Patriots!
Yesterday, I was just a writer, entrepreneur, Patriot, and business owner working to get my business off the ground. Today, I am also part owner of a brand new Hollywood studio! That's right! Legion M, an independent and FAN-OWNED Hollywood entertainment company, has launched.
They are still in the beginning phases but these guys are well-connected to insiders in the Hollywood film industry and they are offering shares to invest that could see up to a 100x profit or more in the near future.

Watch the video about Legion M here:

I invested $100 initially on my birthday, August 24th. I feel this is an investment in the future and I believe in what they are trying to do. The founders want to create a fan-owned entertainment company that allows investors to help determine which way the company will go in the future. I also like that these people are Patriots and they want to produce family-friendly films and other media that will change the idea of corporate-owned Hollywood.

In addition, they allow investors to help create content such as writing scripts and helping with technical aspects remotely or "on site." This is an excellent opportunity for those of us in the creative arts to be a part of something big that will increase exponentially in the future.

The company has a goal of reaching 1 million investors which would put the company net worth at $500 million. Then the assets of the company would continue to grow with each successful film. They have already been involved in other productions and are working with some big names like Stan Lee and others to launch their business model.

They are located in Hollywood but offer fans all over the country a chance to own a piece of Hollywood real estate that could pay off big in the future. In addition to having a share in a growing Hollywood studio, as an investor, you get a chance to pitch your film or script ideas to the company, too. They give priority to investors who want to be a larger part of the film industry through their company.

I'm excited to be a part of this venture and I'm happy to say that I'm a Legion M investor!

To invest in this outstanding opportunity and help us reach our 1 million investor goal, click here. It might be the best investment you ever made!
Visit our site here. We are not Legion M but we are investors in Legion M. We believe they are on to something big and we are now a part of it!
We're making a dent in the universe.

-Deborah L. Killion, investor, and entrepreneur

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Attention Teachers!

Hello everyone!
I'm writing this post for teachers. I used to teach in the public schools also in the mid-south and enjoyed it very much. After 15 years of teaching and serving as a counselor for an additional 3 years, I decided to start my own business online with my virtual companies, and

If you go to my websites, you'll see an influence from my education profession. I am creating a number of high-interest short videos, lessons, podcasts, and other materials that teachers can use in their classrooms. I know as a former teacher that you can never have enough supplemental materials to emphasize an important point or give students extra practice on an essential skill.

Digital Downloads Galore!
So I am in the process of creating many wonderful digital downloads that you can share with your students and use as teaching materials in your own classrooms. In addition, I encourage homeschool parents to check them out, too. I have worked for an online school, as well through and I know how important it is to offer teachers and parents as many resources as possible to help them teach and inspire kids to learn.

School was never meant to be a boring, hum-drum place. Kids should learn because they are fascinated with the world, inspired to become what they dream of, and learn to think creatively and independently. I believe in using project-based learning, independent thinking skills, and technology and media to inspire young people. The best education is in empowering kids to learn for themselves using the very technology they already use. So come check out what we're doing and start downloading. We're just getting started so come back often to see more digital products and modules.

About Me
I'm a professional writer and online instructor and I own my own digital media production company. So expect to see many digital products in the near future that you can tap into. Once you purchase the download once, you may use it in your classrooms or share with others, provided you to do not send the file via email or post online for any reason.

Now, for the good stuff. Go to this video on YouTube to see an example of the kinds of things you might find in the future. This one is a short writing prompt that uses visualization and creative thinking to motivate kids to create, think, write, and dream!
See Autumn Inspiration video.
After the video, click the link below it on YouTube to make it yours!

Much more coming soon!

Deborah L. Killion, CEO/Founder 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kidschool TV coming soon....

Hi, everyone!
In case I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm a certified teacher in the mid-south with over 15 years experience in public education. I also served as a school counselor for 3 years at a charter school that operated under the William Glasser Institute model. This was a great experience as an educator and I have never forgotten the way charter schools pay attention to the needs of students more than the normal bureaucracy you find within the walls of most public schools.

I also spent one year teaching online for a virtual academy. Though they did not seem to be as on the "cutting edge" in online education as they believed they were, they were at least attempting to move the process of education to an online platform which is the future.

As an entrepreneur and writer now, I have decided to put much of my time and energy into developing a system of learning that is a complete 360 degree turn around from the normal education systems. It is not a school, per se; it is a method of instruction that uses the power of digital technologies and media to inspire the creative spirit that is so natural in kids and lets them learn while being inspired to create, not just to consume.

As a computer expert, I have created an original computer two years ago, based on the Raspberry Pi system, I was inspired to take the power of this and other innovative ideas in technology to the online market.

Our first projects are already online that you can purchase by visiting You'll see the digital products download tab when you go to the site. Here, you'll find the first three of what we hope to be hundreds of digital products for download in the near future.

These first products are teacher tools that teachers (or parents) can use to help their kids to use creativity in their school work. Creativity is not just putting artistic pictures on a computer or drawing smileys and animating them. Creativity is at the heart of all true learning and the application of creativity may be the difference in surface learning and deep learning. (ASCAP)

We are working on more digital products as I write this and we have recently purchased a new video camera that will allow us to produce even more digital products for kids, teachers, and parents.

We are not trying to create an official online school. We are just providing teachers and parents with the needed supplemental tools that will help to teach students cornerstone skills in Reading, Writing, and Literacy (as well as some Fine Arts and Technology) that they can use in their school projects.

We'll have more information on Kidschool TV soon. It will be a monthly subscription service that will be available to anyone who wants it for a mere $10 per month. Watch our video below and then click the link below the video to learn more and sign up for the program.

We hope to launch in Fall 2017.
Click below to check it out and sign up!
See you in class!

-Deborah L. Killion, certified teacher and media expert

Monday, August 7, 2017

New Radio Shows Coming Soon!

Hi everyone!
We just wanted to update everyone to let you know we'll be updating our radio programming soon on BlogTalk Radio as well as our main 24/7 internet radio station and we'll have updates soon. We plan to include a number of programs for kids and teachers that you can share with your classes and schools, as well as programs on technology and entrepreneurship for businesses.

Take a look at this promo for one of my eBooks I wrote awhile back on finding work-at-home jobs, too, if you are interested in finding work you can do at home. This book has sold several copies and is also available as an audiobook.


Check out my book on working at home
Go to the book link to see the information on the book and order from Audible or Amazon today.

I'm Deb and I make over $4,000 per month and my income is about to go up more to around $6200 per month. It's just a matter of finding the right clients who will pay you what you're worth.
Whatever your talent is, you can find a way to make a serious full-time income doing it. Do what you love and you'll succeed if you never give up.

Check out the promo to learn more about how you, too, can make a serious income at home.

I'm working on a number of digital products you can download to help you on your journey, as well as a number of educational and fun tools for kids. Check out our main website to learn more about Kidschool TV, coming soon! It's an exciting subscription service full of high-interest media-based tutorials and videos for kids to inspire them to learn and explore.

Be watching for more great things coming from Small Town Global and Small Town Global Radio,
an America First company!

-Deborah L. Killion, CEO/Founder