Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our New Partnership with Paypal

Hi everyone! This is Deb Killion, CEO and founder of Small Town Global with another update on our business. Last week (May 12), we saw a "Paypal Working Capital" ad on the Paypal site when we went into the look at and reconcile our business account.

I didn't know what it was about completely but I had seen the ad before. I knew it was an offer that Paypal offered to business merchants who had an active Paypal account and who regularly used Paypal as a payout option on their website.

What I didn't realize is how wonderful this opportunity was until I decided to do it. Here's how it works:

  • Paypal Working Capital grants you a loan based on a percentage (around 15%) of your last 12 months earnings through the Paypal system.
  • They offer you up to 15% of this amount. You can choose a lower amount if you choose that you can use for working capital for your business.
  • Once you decide on the amount you want to get, you apply and you will get a decision is less than a minute.
  • The best part is it does not depend on your credit rating. (I'm still working on mine from years past and am in the process of paying off many old debts). In the meantime, as a business owner, I had no means of obtaining the credit I needed to grow my business. 
  • The decision came back shortly after this that I had qualified for $3500. This allowed me to put money in the bank along with the money I am already making with my business and get me ahead of my ledger for the first time in a long time.
I make a very good income (over $5000 per month) on average writing for business customers and publishers as well as money that I take in from my online business at But having this advance from Paypal Working Capital is just what I needed to truly get ahead!

If you need to expand your business but don't have the sources to do so and you are a Paypal online merchant, Paypal Working Capital is the best way I know to get ahead. Payments are easy, too since they take a percent of your incoming revenue as it comes in to pay it off. So it's really like they are paying you in advance for future sales.

Many other loan companies follow this business model such as Kabbage and Lending Tree. But Paypal Working Capital is the simplest, most streamlined solution that enables you to move forward with your business and is completely worry-free.

Most of all, I like the fact that I am now a business partner with Paypal. It's like cutting them in for a 33% equity stake in your company. But it's only as long as you have the loan. It's paid off easily in a few short months as you make money.

They don't charge interest, either! They just put a one-time fee on the loan at the beginning to cover the cost of the loan and you never have to worry about accruing interest.

Check out the Paypal Working Capital application here. You, too, can be a partner with the most successful payment solutions company in the world and grow your business to new levels tomorrow!

-Deborah L. Killion

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Update on Small Town Global/Digital Media Heaven

Hello fellow entrepreneurs, writers, and friends:

This is Deb, CEO and founder of Small Town Global and Digital Media Heaven. After much consideration, we have decided to keep both the Small Town Global and Digital Media Heaven domains to avoid confusion in transferring our system to one website and because we feel that we will need the space and the other domain for storing the plethora of digital media files that we will have up for sale on

Keep in mind that Small Town Global will be dedicated to our communications company such as our Internet Radio station and it will be the main storefront of our creative services such as article writing and digital media creation.

Digital Media Heaven will be where we will house the many digital files of our instructional media, audio, videos, Powerpoint files, and many other materials that we will have available for individuals, schools, teachers, and business owners soon.

Keep in mind we are a work in progress. I have been working full-time as an online content writer but we are now shifting some of our time to allow for the creation and production of high-quality digital media files that you will be able to download on site soon.

Go to to listen to our internet radio station 24/7. We will be adding some exciting programming soon! Right now we are playing eclectic songs, Tech Innovators programming, and other features. More added soon!

Thank you for your patience while we grow!
-Deborah L. Killion

Monday, January 2, 2017

Great Start to a New Year!

Hey everyone!

I don't know about you, but I've had a great start to a new year (2017)!
I have my business plans and other goals all lined out and ready to implement for the new year, and I got to have coffee with a friend at our favorite place to celebrate the new year.
We had coffee again and great conversation and other wonderful things on the first day of 2017.

Regarding the state of things in our country, I am so glad we got Trump elected and defeated the enemies of our country. America is in for a lot of great changes in the coming months and years.

I got pretty involved in politics during the pre-election time and wrote articles to inform people about what was really going on since the mainstream media lied to everyone. If you want to know the details about what really happened behind the scenes (it wasn't Russia!), go to:  He'll tell you everything you need to know.

But things are working out for the best and all is well. We just have to stay vigilant to continue to defeat the enemies among us that threaten our free speech, Christian religion, and other rights that we have as Americans.

Fellow writers, artists, and others, we must continue to ban together to create a force so strong they can never defeat it. That includes creating our own ideas and concepts, innovative technologies, and even our own internet, which I am working on now.

Keep thinking independently and holding onto what you believe.

The Globalists have lost and all that's left now is war crime trials and jail time for them.

We look forward to many great things with my new company, "Digital Media Heaven" in 2017. As of today, I have secured the name
So we are getting ready to work more on that site soon.

It will features tons of family-friendly media and great content for websites that is sure to help your business as well.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017 from Digital Media Heaven

Hi, everyone!

This is Deb from Digital Media Heaven sending this New Year's wish that you will have a wonderful New Year in 2017.  I am counting down the year right now as we speak. You can count it down with me by clicking on this link:

Remember that last year (2016) is almost gone. So all you can do about 2016 is to cherish the good times and put the bad ones behind you. We should always strive to learn from the mistakes and relish in the successes. Remember no one is ever a "failure" as long as they are learning and growing.

It's time to look forward to the new "baby" new year and all it can bring!

So set some realistic but high goals for yourself that you can reach in 2017 and work on them every single day. With time, you will achieve all you have set for yourself and more if you believe and work hard.

Learn to ignore obstacles and plow straight through to your goals. Don't let anyone convince you that you can't. Don't be bullied or challenged by those who don't understand. Just keep your eye on the goal.

I hope everyone has a prosperous and happy new year !

-Deborah L. Killion, CEO Digital Media Heaven

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Great week for business!

Hey, everyone!
I truly hope that you have had a great week in your business and that you have reached all of the goals that you have set for yourself!

If you're like me, the struggle has always been more about time than money, though money is an issue sometimes too. By that I mean, when you are doing work for a client, you have to trade time for money in most cases.

So you just have to find the best way to use your work time to maximize your results. I love the freedom I have to set my hours for myself with whatever works for me. Personally, like most "classic writers," (and I do consider myself in that crowd, theoretically), I work best at night. So I could actually do all of my work at night if I wanted to, leaving the day to do what I want!

But instead, what I do is work out a "tentative" schedule that is always open to change if I want to do something at any time. But I put down the general times I do the work so that I will add some structure to an otherwise structureless environment. ha

I made my goal of around $180 per day this week. I have made as much as $387 in one day writing and even higher, but it drains me if I write that many articles all day long. I like to sprinkle other tasks and activities among the writing so that I have more flexibility in my schedule. The $180 per day translates to $1000 per week or more and over $4,000 per month, on average if I also do some on Saturday. I actually don't have to have that much money, but I am driven to make a lot so that I will have a reserve and pay off my debts so that I can have more free time down the road.

You need to work on your passive income too, authors. Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and other things like eCourses are great ideas to set up your cash cows for the future.

One thing's for sure, my writing muses, Edgar Poe or Will Shakespeare didn't make the kind of money I'm making writing. They would have loved to have been rewarded for their efforts that way, I'm sure. Will was pretty well off due to his deal with kings and the royalty but Edgar died in poverty. And he was a genius! It's all about the market.

I am now selling around 2 audiobooks per day, and the audiobooks seem to sell better than my eBooks. I currently have all of my eBooks available as audiobooks as well now.

I am also working on my multimedia production list and hope to finish updating this soon to include the upcoming projects that I'll be working on at Small Town Global USA.

I try to keep the blog posts fairly short to let you know what's going on and I'll also announce when we plan to do another live video webcast or podcast so you can tune in.

In the meantime, be sure to listen to the 24/7 internet radio station (to be updated soon).

Remember as an entrepreneur, you are the captain of your own ship so look out for icebergs and keep looking ahead for the harbor!

You'll make it!

-Deb Killion, Writer/Entrepreneur

Friday, December 2, 2016

My eBook List: Help Yourself to Information

Hey folks. Just another update on my new blog to let you know about my eBooks. I have created a number of eBooks and audiobooks through Amazon and CreateSpace and you can find any of them on my author page.

All of these books are self-help books catered to the independent contractor/entrepreneur who wants to make an honest part-time or full-time living at home. You can do this if you want to badly enough and I offer you proof of this in my eBooks and audiobooks.

I am working on making all of my eBooks available on audiobook at well via Amazon and All of these are also available on paperback as well as of this writing!

You'll find them in numerous bookstores online and across the country including many well-known and some lesser-known publishers. Also be sure to listen to my radio show on Blogtalk radio as well as to our 24/7 internet radio station here: SmallTown Global Radio.

I've always been a writer. In fact, I make over $3000 per month doing just that. And that's not even counting my business income from my online website. But these books all offer information that I hope you will find valuable as you build your brand online or start your journey as an independent author and content creator.

In our country today, we need more independent artists, free-thinkers, and poets. We need more teachers with their own ideas, who are willing to put those ideas out there to let people decide how they can apply it in their own lives.

So read my eBooks, listen to the audiobooks, and then get out and write your own! There's always room for another great idea!

-Deborah L. Killion, Writer/Entrepreneur